Label Rekaman:
Wasted Rockers Recordings, Heyho! Records, Music To Beat Up A Boyfriend, Anoa Records, Paviliun Records, Dont Fade Away Records, Hitheroad Records, Jempling Records, MonsterStress Records, ZIM-ZUM Entertainment, Rain Dogs Records, Sailboat Records, Nanaba Records, Kolibri Records, Rizkan Records, Yellow Records, Orange Cliff Records, Takanmati Records, Lucky Me Music, Sorge Records, HΓ©ma Records, Heavenly Option, Helat Tubruk, Rise & Grind Records, For The Records, Geekmonger Records, Hujan! Records, Dexter Records, Misashi Records, Barongsai Records, Samstrong Records, Frekuensi Records, Royal Yawns, Gurem Tapes, Walking After Music, Tromagnon Records, O Pamela Recordings, Dismantled, Winona Tapes, Doggyhouse Records, Pepaya Records, Langen Srawa Records,

Penerbit Literatur:
Aditita Bercerita,Β Hidoep Tyada Artie Zonder Tjinta, Sobat Indie, Rally The Troops, Komunitas Komik Grogol, Popcore, Yayasan Jungkir Balik Pustaka Indonesia,

Poprave, Remake,


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