Label Rekaman:
Wasted Rockers Recordings, Heyho! Records, Music To Beat Up A Boyfriend, Anoa Records, Paviliun Records, Dont Fade Away Records, Hitheroad Records, Jempling Records, MonsterStress Records, ZIM-ZUM Entertainment, Rain Dogs Records, Sailboat Records, Nanaba Records, Kolibri Records, Rizkan Records, Yellow Records, Orange Cliff Records, Takanmati Records, Lucky Me Music, Sorge Records, Héma Records, Heavenly Option, Helat Tubruk, Rise & Grind Records, For The Records, Geekmonger Records, Hujan! Records, Dexter Records, Misashi Records, Barongsai Records, Samstrong Records, Frekuensi Records, Royal Yawns, Gurem Tapes, Walking After Music, Tromagnon Records, O Pamela Recordings, Dismantled, Winona Tapes, Doggyhouse Records, Pepaya Records, Langen Srawa Records, Roaches Records, Originally Similar Records, Neverstop Records,

Penerbit Literatur:
Aditita Bercerita, Hidoep Tyada Artie Zonder Tjinta, Sobat Indie, Rally The Troops, Komunitas Komik Grogol, Popcore, Yayasan Jungkir Balik Pustaka Indonesia, Rotasi Books, Héma Publishing House, Mercusuar Production, Binatang Press!,

Poprave, Remake, Wasted Rockers Clothing,

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